about kivyMaps

kivyMaps is a simple mapping client for multitouch environments. Running on top of kivy, it has support for Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS and iOS (experimental) environments. It allows to consume and display WMS services and WMS-C and other tiled cache services.

kivyMaps on Android

Screenshot of kivyMaps on android

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kivyMaps has no dependencies beyond those of kivy. It detects and supports the pyproj library, which is not in the standard kivy distribution.

kivyMaps is distributed under a GPL licence.

getting kivyMaps

There is currently no official release of kivyMaps. Follow the installation and configuration guides to get started. Look here for experimental packages.


kivyMaps was developed by Thomas Hirsch, and is based heavily on the mtMaps application for PyMT by kivy developer Mathieu Virbel.

This work was made possible by Statens kartverk, the National Mapping Authority of Norway.